WENDY WILLIAMS EXPLAINS HER ERRATIC BEHAVIOR: During her talk show yesterday (April 15th), Wendy Williams explained why she broke down in tears during her show earlier this week. She said,“I cry at least once a day. And I’ll tell you when that at least once happens. Seven o’clock here in New York when we’re supposed to raise the roof, open the windows, scream outside with our pots and pans, clap ’em together for our first responders. Me and my cats, we participate in that. Like, I dig that.” She continued, “The cops and the doctors and the nurse and the school teachers and the MTA drivers that are dropping at a rapid rate, You know? So, that’s one time I cry. Another time usually happens when I see something else that’s just chokingly sad on the news. There is this woman who lost her family. Her husband died one day alone. Alone, because he has the corona. And then her son, her only child, died a few days later.”

‘L&HH:ATL’ STAR KIRK FROST DENIES ADOPTING WIFE RASHEEDA WHEN SHE WAS A TEENAGER: Last night (APril 15th) Love & Hip-Hop:Atlanta stars Kirk and Rasheeda Frost denied rumors that he adopted Rasheeda as a teenager and became her husband soon after. Kirk said, “I aint f*cking adopt Rasheeda. I’m not interested in marrying a f*cking minor! . . . I aint with the bullsh*t!” Kirk and Rasheedah have been married for 20 years — and reports say that she is 37 years old. Rasheeda has never publicly confirmed her age.

CYNTOIA BROWN SAYS SHE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY: Shortly after Netflix released the from Murder to Mercy documentary about sex trafficking victim Cyntoia Brown revealed on Instagram that she had nothing to do with the project. She said, “While I was still incarcerated, a producer who has old footage of me made a deal with Netflix for an UNAUTHORIZED documentary, set to be released soon. My husband and I were as surprised as everyone else when we first heard the news because we did not participate in any way. “ She continued, “However, I am currently in the process of sharing my story, in the right way, in full detail, and in a way that depicts and respects the woman I am today. While I pray that this film highlights things wrong in our justice system, I had nothing to with this documentary.”

TAYE DIGGS SAY ‘BEST MAN’ ACTOLRS WERE PAID LESS THAN THEIR WORTH FOR THE SEQUEL: In an interview on Netflix’s podcast Strong Black Lead with Tracy Clayton, Taye Diggs revealed that he and the other actors who starred in The Best Man 2 were not paid what they were worth. He said, “That sh*t was bittersweet because that was right in the middle of Black sh*t and White sh*t. That movie did really, really well. So, if it had of been a White movie—like they’re making plans when they’re writing the movie. “ He continued, “And they hardly paid us any more money from that. We had been working. All of us had been working and we knew our worth. All of us had to say, we want to be a part of this and it’s special but at the same time if we do it, we gotta take half the amount of money that we’re worth, smile in these White people’s faces. You know what I mean. But we all did it. We knew this was bigger than them. Because Terrence [Howard], he had been nominated for an Oscar. And it’s embarrassing—not embarrassing, it’s disrespectful to go to a studio and look at these people in their face and go, ‘You know how much I’m worth. I know how much I’m worth but you’re smiling at me asking me to do this for pennies.”

TARVARIS JACKSON’S FUNERAL SET FOR THIS WEEKEND: According to TMZ, Ex-NFL Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson will be laid to rest on Saturday (April 19th) in Alabama. Due to the coronavirus, only 10 people will be allowed inside the church at a time. The funeral will also be live streamed for family members that can’t attend.  Jackson was killed in a car crash this past weekend. He was only 36 years old.