WENDY WILLIAMS' EX HUSBAND SUES DEBMAR MERCURY FOR WRONGFUL TERMINATION: Wendy Willams' ex husband Kevin Hunter has sued Debmar-Mercury, the production company behind The Wendy Williams Show, for wrongful termination. According to The Shade Room, in his lawsuit, Hunter claimed he was terminated “on the basis of his marital status which is barred by the New York City Human Rights Law."  As a result of the firing, Hunter “has suffered an economic loss, which will be determined by trial, in the range of seven to ten million dollars." Hunter is asking for “not less than $7,000,000″ and  “punitive damages, lost wages, commissions.” He’s also asking for “the costs and fees of this proceeding, including legal fees.”

VIVICA A. FOX CALLS LAVERNE COX'S RED CARPET 'ENTANGLEMENT' COMMENT TACKY: Vivica  A. Fox has called out Laverne Cox for the "entanglement" comments she made while talking to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. During an episode of Cocktails with Queens, Vivica called the comments "tacky," saying, “Talk about wrong place, wrong time. I just think that you have to pick and choose because darling, please remember that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are a power couple. They do a lot of work, they’re very well connected. There are people that now if you might be on the red carpet, they’re gonna all right passed yo a** quickly.” She continued, “There are people that when they see you now, they’re gonna sweep their people right passed you like, ‘No we don’t do her. So that’s what you set yourself up for. When you pick a moment to have a viral moment, you have to watch. You have to watch, when you’re climbing the ladder of success, who you choose to insult.”

DEELISHIS CALLS HUSBAND RAYMOND SANTANA A 'NARCISSIST' AND 'A CHEAT': Deelishis took to social media to call out her husband Raymond Santana of the Exonerated Five, she wrote via social media, "I married a narcissist who is a COMPLETE liar and a cheat and I'm finally ready to speak my truth… stay tuned. #GlovesOff." She later wrote, ""Today I appear to be by myself, but I’m not ALONE [praying hands emoji][red heart emoji]‼️ #InGodsTiming #JustLONDON."

P-VALLEY SEASON TWO SET TO PREMIERE IN JUNE: P-Valley is set to return in June. According to Vibe, season 2 will have ten episodes.