WILL SMITH OPENS UP ABOUT #OSCARSSOWHITE: In an interview with Hip Hollywood, Will Smith has spoken out on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. This year only five African-American's were nominated for an Oscar in comparison to 14 nominees last year. Will said, “Jada and I debate this all the time. You can't expect somebody else to tell your stories. It is the kiss of death if you need somebody to tell you you're great. For me, I try to stay emotionally disentangled with this stuff. And it's not just in terms of awards . . . it's even in relationships. If you need y our partner to tell you youre great, you don't know you're great. You're just in a bad place. It's just a really dangerous, emotional place to need acknowledgement from other people for your quality.”

SOURCE: APRYL JONES AND FIZZ ARE FAKING THEIR BREAKUP FOR A STORYLINE: Sources have told Bossip that Apryl Jones and Fizz are actually still together and are faking a breakup for a story line for Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood. The source said, “That breakup is a FAKE feeble attempt to drum up a new storyline for ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.' April and Fizz are still living together and over the weekend gave Kam a birthday party.”

ISSA RAE RELEASES INSECURE TEASER: Issa Rae has announced that season 4 of Insecure will return on April 12th. Issa posted a teaser, along with the caption, “It’s 2020, soooo… Season 4?? [email protected] is back April 12th. #InsecureHBO?”

‘Insecure’ Teaser :

Will Smith on #OscarsSoWhite :