WILL SMITH SKIPS OUT ON 'BEL-AIR' EVENT: Reports say that Will Smith didn't attend an event for Bel-Air in Hollywood on Tuesday (May 24th). According to TMZ, the promotional event was held to gain interest from Emmy voters ahead of award season.

MARTIN REUNION GETS A PREMIERE DATE: The Martin reunion special will be premiering next month. The 90 minute special, which will feature Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold and Carl Anthony Payne, will premiere on June 16th on BET+. A press release about the reunion said, “The cast will look back on the show’s most hilarious moments, revisit the iconic characters Martin made famous and pay an emotional tribute to the late, great Tommy Ford. Complete with musical performances and drop-ins by celebrity super fans, ‘Martin: The Reunion’ brings back the wazzup wazzup wazzup passion fans have been waiting for.”

BRITTNEY GRINER'S WIFE CALLS FOR PRESIDENT BIDEN'S HELP: Cherelle Griner, the wife of WNBA star Brittney Griner has urged President Biden to help her spouse return to the United States after months of detainment in Russian. During an interview with ESPN, Cherelle revealed that the last time she spoke to her wife was on February 17th, the day Brittney was arrested in Moscow. Brittney was traveling to Russia to complete her season for UMMC Ekaterinburg, a Russian professional basketball team, when she was stopped by authorities after security had searched her luggage and found multiple vape cartridges containing hash oil. Hash oil is a concentrated substance derived from cannabis, a crime which carries a maximum sentence of ten years for possession in Russia. Cherelle said, “There is one person that can go get her, and that's our president. He has that power. You know, I'm just like, 'Why are we not using it? Like, urgently, use it.' We're expecting him to use his power to get it done.”