RUSSELL SIMMONS CLAIMS CORONAVIRUS IS CAUSED BY EATING ANIMALS: Russell Simmons issued a public apology after he said that the coronavirus was caused by eating animals. He shared a quote that reads that the coronavirus “was caused by eating animals." The quote added that other previous illnesses like Ebona, Swine Flu and even HIV “were caused by EATING ANIMALS. COVID-19 would not exist if the world was vegan. ‘Your personal choice’ to eat animals impacts every living being on this planet.” Russell then wrote,  “I know people don’t want to read this And it’s tough to digest …….. But this statement is factual and necessary Eating animals is horrible unconscious behavior… " He later apologized, saying, “There seems to be no proper or easy time to say what i said , the ongoing abuse of animals is hurtful on so many levels it’s hard to quantify them all .. 'dominion over the animals' does not mean birth 100 billion animals into unbelievable suffering, so they could cause disease , destroy the planet , and create the worst karmic disaster in history …Which is repeated each year over and over… I’m convinced that one day this will all be illegal … i hope the overall affect of my words were, are helpful”

TINA LAWSON CALLS TIFFANY HADDISH AND COMMON A 'BEAUTIFUL COUPLE': Beyonce's mom Tina Lawson seemingly spilled the beans about Tiffany Haddish's relationship with Common. Tiffany posted a photo of herself and Common on his birthday, along with the caption, "Happy Birthday to My Friend @common !!! I Love that you are willing to go on @groupon adventures with me. #paintandpour plus food." Tina commented, "Beautiful couple." Tiffany nor Common have confirmed or denied their relationship.

'POWER' SPIN OFF HALTS PRODUCTION AMID CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK: The production on Power Book II: Ghost and Power Book III: Raising Kanan  — which was taking place in New York City, have been paused due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Deadline, the pause in production will last for a week or more — but it won’t affect the writers room.  

TAYE DIGGS SAYS 'THE BEST MAN' MAY BECOME A TV SERIES: Taye Diggs has revealed that there be a The Best Man TV series. When asked if he thought there would be a Best Man 3, told The Talk, “I do think it will happen. We’ve all been in discussions with the director Malcolm Lee. I think it might end up being a TV series, maybe on a streaming platform. But the script has already been written, so we’ll see.”

MALIKA HAQQ AND OT GENASIS WELCOME SON ACE FLORES: Actress and reality star Malika Haqq and her ex boyfriend O.T. Genasis welcomed their chile, a baby boy named Ace Flores. Baby Ace was born on March 14th in Los Angeles. This is the first child for Haqq and the second for Genasis.