Teyana Taylor has clarified an Instagram post where she said she would be “retiring this chapter of her life.” After fans asked if she was planning to retire from music, she said, “Like when I say the shorter end of the stick or being overlooked I mean by the people who are supposed to support me most. My partners. My label… And then I see comments of people saying ‘But if you love it, you shouldn’t change. You shouldn’t let no award’… and it’s just like everything is a relationship…. You can be in love one day and you can be out of love some years down the line. That’s where I am with music.”

She continued, saying that she pays for 100% of everything she does. She added that she has told Def Jam to drop her on several occasions. She explained, “I constantly feel alone. I constantly feel unappreciated. I constantly feel failed because there’s literally no push. I be looking at sh** like why am I not doing that?….I asked Def Jam to drop me on 10 different occasions because at this point I can’t let this kill me.”