DC Young Fly delivered a touching speech to his longtime love Jacky Oh during her homegoing service this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. The comedian said that Jacky was a “beautiful soul” who was a “great mother.”

He spoke on the book of Genesis in the bible, saying, “I like that Genesis teach you first about Jospeh before it break off into any other story because if you paying attention Jospeh is getting hit constantly with obstacles. Obstacle, obstacle and obstacle and if you really read deeper and you understand, Joseph ain’t never said, ‘Why me God?’.”

He continued, “And if you a firm believer then you know if God got his hands on you then we gone be straight. And that’s one thing that I know if that we gone be straight.”

DC went on, “And you know sometimes life hit you with a curveball. That’s for anybody out here going through something man. So! Sooo! You go to stick it through, man. No matter what you going through in life because it’s always somebody going through something worser than you and guess what? We hear today but some folks going through… burying three and four folks at the same time.”

He then shared that while he was no stranger to trauma, he had never experienced “his rib” passing away before. He explained, “It ain’t hard but it sholl ain’t easy. If I didn’t pray a lot I wouldn’t be able to deal with it. My kids…we good. ‘Cause like I said we led by the spirit. Not by the flesh. Are we hurt? Yes. We’re human. We got emotions. My children know that God is real.” He added, “If you don’t take nothing else from today man. I don’t care what you going through in life. Find you a relationship with God.”

DC spoke on how Jacky was as a mother to their three kids, saying, “She had a beautiful soul. She was a great mother. I’m talking ’bout super great mother. Jack, you know I love you girl. You know. You know.” He added, “It feels like a dream. And if Joseph didn’t complain, I wont either.”