Ms. Jacky Oh's plastic surgeon Dr. Zach Okhah has released a statement after the death of the former Wild N' Out girl.

He wrote via Instagram, “To all my past, current and prospective patients, PH-1 Miami remains devoted to the highest quality medical care. All aesthetic procedures are performed in a hygienically safe environment to universally recognized medical standards. He continued, claiming that he is “relentlessly committed to advancing techniques in the realm of plastic surgery.”

Okhah went on to say that he and his staff “ensure that each patient is vetted, prepped and treated according to their individual patient history prior to any surgery,” insisting that his “mission” is to help his patients “achieve the best possible results in the safest and most medically appropriate way possible.”

Of course, social media users reacted to the statement. One person wrote, “You broke your silence and said a bunch of nothing! You are not Board certified! You also deleted any ounce of evidence off your page after you did her surgery and killed her. You’re despicable!”

Another added, “Damn he could have acknowledged her passing or something. I’m not sure if she passed due to his negligence or maybe she had some underlying condition, but he could have given his condolences.”

Jacky Oh traveled to Miami to have a “mommy makeover” late last month. A day after the procedure, she was found unresponsive in her hotel room. She was 33.