During an episode of Red Table Talk on Friday (July 10th), Jada Pinkett-Smith admitted that she had a relationship with singer August Alsina while separated from Will Smith four years ago. Jada confirmed that the relationship "started as a friendship" when her and her family was helping him out with his health and his mental state. She explained, ["Four and a half years ago… I started a friendship with August and we actually became really, really good friends. And it all started with him just needing some help, me wanting to help his health, his mental state. . . . And from there, you and I were going through a very difficult time. . . "Will: Yeah, I was done with your a**. I was done with you. . . " Jada: "Yeah, we broke up."] SOUNDCUE (1:01 OC  . . . we broke up) 

Will, who was sitting with Jada during her confession, then asked, ["And then, what did you do Jada?" Jada: “From there as time went on I got into a different kind of entanglement with August. One thing I want to clean up [is about] you giving ‘permission.' The only person that can give permission in that circumstance is myself. But what August was probably trying to communicate, because I could see how he could see it as permission because we were separated amicably, and I think he wanted to make it clear he’s not a homewrecker which he's not he’s not.'”] SOUNDCUE (:50 OC . . . which he's not)

Will then asked Jada to be clear about her relationship with August, saying, ["I think because you brought yourself to the Red Table you need to say clearly what happened." Jada: "As far as what?” Will: “You and I decided we were going to take our space and then what happened?” Jada: “And then I got into an entanglement with August, that’s what I said." Will: “An entanglement? (laughs) A relationship.” Jada: “Yes, it was a relationship, absolutely. I was in a lot of pain. I was very broken. In the process of that relationship I definitely realized you can’t find happiness outside yourself. And luckily enough you and I were also going through a process of healing in a different manner. I would say we did everything that we could to get away from each other only to realize that wasn’t possible.”] SOUNDCUE (:51 OC . . . that wasn't possible)


Jada went on to admit that she started seeing August because she "just wanted to feel good," adding, “I was in a lot of pain and I was very broken. In the process, I definitely realized that you can’t find happiness outside of yourself.”.

Will later said that he is going to "get her back" and Jada responded, "You gon’ get me back? I think you’ve gotten me back. I think we’re good on that.” 

They ended the episode saying, "We ride together we die together, bad marriage for life."


Meanwhile, a Hollywood actress who is a close friend of the Smiths told Page Six that Jada's confession on Red Table Talk is "strategic," saying, “Now, because [August] is speaking up, now you want to have a ‘Red Table’? I will tell you what’s gonna happen. I bet you [Will and Jada] will be glorified.”

Meanwhile, Angela Yee, who conducted the interview where Alsina revealed his relationship with Jada, said, “I think he could’ve said a lot more regarding Jada and he didn’t. I believe he was truly hurt about his break-up with Jada.”

Meanwhile, the actress added, “Jada [previously] said she was mentoring him .?.?. what kind of mentoring was she giving him where he felt he gave his all to a relationship that has left him devastated and hurt?"

She added,“You can look at August and see that there’s a certain amount of pain that he is feeling, and you can hear in his words that he’s trying to speak his truth while still protecting the Smiths. You did not help him, you helped destroy him.”


Jada says she started the relationship with August Alsina because she wanted to feel good: 

[“I just wanted to feel good. It had been so long since I felt good, and it was really a joy to just help heal somebody. I think that has a lot to do with my codependency. Which is another thing I had to learn to break in this cycle. The idea of needing to fix and being drawn to people needing to help. Whether it’s your health, or whether it’s your addictions, there is something about that childhood trauma that feels as though it can be fixed through fixing people, versus fixing me. And I think that whole process with Aug really showed me that and taught me that and I’m really grateful for that lesson.”] SOUNDCUE (:58 OC . . . for that lesson)

Will jokes that he is the husband with Jada at the press conference:

Will: [“I feel like that husband like I’m with you at the press conference. I’m that husband and now I have to be with you at the press conference while you tell the world about your transgressions. I love my baby, I’m gonna stand by my baby no matter what.” Jada: “I understand why it would look that way or feel that way, but I actually don’t look at it as a transgression at all. Through that particular journey I learned so much about myself and was able to really confront a lot of emotional immaturity, emotional insecurity and I was really able to do some really deep healing and as I came through and started to realize some things about you and I, he decided to break all communication entirely which was totally understandable and I let that be. And hadn’t talked to him since. So it is a little weird that all of this is coming up now.”]  SOUNDCUE (1:04  OC . . . for that lesson)

Jada says that she and Will have no secrets:

["The one thing I’ll say about you and I is there have never been secrets.” Will: “We came together young and were both broken in our own ways and to be able to make mistakes without the fear of losing your family is so critical." Jada: “The idea of any relationship in trying to get to understanding of love is going to be forged in fire. And I think that one of the things that I’m deeply grateful in this whole process is we have really gotten to that new place of unconditional love.” Will: “Yeah cuz I wasn’t sure that I was ever going to speak to you again. The fact that I’m speaking to you again is a miracle.” Jada: "I would agree."] SOUNDCUE (1:01 oc . . . I would agree)

Will says he's gonna get Jada back:

Will: [“I don’t want to go through this no more,” Will cI’mma get you back first." Jada:“You gon’ get me back? I think you’ve gotten me back. I think we’re good on that.” (laughs) Will: “Okay that’s probably true." Jada: “And I don’t think it’s about getting anybody back." Will: “No, for me it is." Jada: “Okay. I’ll give you that petty sh** if that’s what you want.” Jada and Will: “. . . We ride together we die together, bad marriage for life. (laughs) Will: "That's terrible . . . it's the truth."] SOUNDCUE (:56 OC . . . it's the truth)

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