Jaden Smith is being trolled online for mocking people his own age. In a recent interview, Smith said that he preferred hanging out with adults over kids growing up because children didn't like to talk about the “political and economic state of the world.”

He explained, “I am very happy that I spent my childhood with more adults than I did with kids my own age, because I was picking up more things from adults than I were sic from kids my own age.”

He went on to mock his generation for being too absorbed with social media, as he impersonated a young person saying, “Look at my phone! Selfie.” He added, “I’m just, like, ‘Dude, like, oh my God,"” he continued. “Can we talk about the political and economic state of the world, right now? Can we talk about what’s going on in the environment? Can we talk about other things?”

After Jaden noticed he was getting trolled on social media, he reacted to the backlash, by poking fun of himself with a meme.