Legendary music producer Jermaine Dupri has probably received a lot of unique offers from aspiring musicians over the years in the hopes that he would help launch their careers. But Dupri just shared a recent interaction with an up-and-coming Alabama rapper that even took him by surprise. Dupri recounted the story on X, where he shared the details of his interaction with the young rapper.

“I just met a new rapper at Lenox and he asked what he had to do to get beside people like my self, he offered me 10k to listen to his music and right then and there I knew he wasn’t from Atlanta. I asked him where he was from he said Alabama, I said you gotta go turn your city up, he said in these lil small town they’ll kill you if you look like we look, and that kinda f**ked me up.”

Dupri did eventually share a clip of the rapper’s music, who goes by the stage name EHard. And when someone asked if he took the rapper’s money, Dupri responded, “I would never take somebody’s money for that.” (Complex)