Model Jessica White has revealed that she found out that her ex Nick Cannon got Brittany Bell pregnant via Instagram. During an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, White said about the relationship, “It was years, almost six years. We just had unconditional love for each other and we were friends. You know, when you have a really close friendship with a person, you just know each other.”

White claimed that she found out about Bell's pregnancy not too long after she had a miscarriage — and she said that Bell knew about it. She explained, “Brittany was aware that I had just had a miscarriage. Two weeks prior to her news ’cause I had told her and I was living at Nick’s house. She knew that, as well. But I found out on Instagram along with the rest of the world.”

She also discussed calling Bell a homewrecker, saying, “You have to remember, I was going through—still, my hormonal changes, we were about to start in vitro. So, when I came out, people thought like, oh, I was this homewrecker. No. There was a real life going on. I was bullied for months with that whole situation because I was still trying to be nice about it, like, we didn’t break up right away.”

She continued, “We were actually still trying to work things out. He was with me for my birthday, like, it wasn’t until I went home to New Orleans to visit family where I had to ask myself some heavy-duty questions.”

White said that Cannon recently told her that he would publicly defend her name and “right his wrongs” but he “has yet to do that.”