Jill Scott and Erykah Badu's VERZUZ battle broke records on Saturday (May 10th). The battle bought in 715,000 on Instagram. During the three hour match, which was more a celebration of music, the two went round for round with tracks like “On & On,” “Getting In The Way,” “Didn’t Cha Know,” “Rolling Hills, “Back In The Day,” “Slowly, Surely,” “Tyrone,” and “He Loves Me.” By the end, they had gone back and forth for a full 19 rounds.

At the end of match, Erykah's screen started freezing, so Jill played “Tyrone” for Erykah until she came back.

After the battle, Jill said, “Say word. Wow ya’ll. Seriously… WOW!!!!!!!!! Which means-views, sitting on the live, signing up for the notifications, interacting and commenting, conversations all day and night, and posting) it was GLOBAL.” She added, “Congratulations ya’ll!!! The CULTURE WINS!!!”

Erykah said, “Now this is POWER. Grateful. Across all networks.”

Erykah Badu compliments Jill Scott :

Jill Scott tells story behind The Roots ‘You Got Me’ :