John Amos is now claiming that his daughter Shannon Amos has taken advantage of him. Last week, Shannon claimed that her dad was the victim of elder abuse, of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation” and created a GoFundMe page to raise $500,000 for her father, which has now been taken down.

In an Instagram video shared by his son K.C. Amos, the former Good Times actor said, “I’m not in the hospital as a result of anything that happened recently, other than the fact that about a month ago, I was hospitalized because I was suffering from water retention and a couple of other issues — all of which have been corrected, or at least addressed. I’m very confident in the doctors that I have here and the medical staff that my son has assembled all around me. So I feel very good about that.”

He continued, “My main issues are I feel like, prior to entering the hospital, I had some ongoing issues with my daughter, who I feel has taken advantage of me. She would be the primary suspect, if you would. She is the one that I would attribute my elderly abuse to.”

Meanwhile, Amos' publicist Belinda Foster claimed that the actor had no idea about the GoFundMe page, saying, “He had no idea there was a GoFundMe put together by his daughter, Shannon,” Foster said. “He had no knowledge of it. He doesn’t need a GoFundMe. He’s doing well and he doesn’t understand why she put this thing together.”


A spokesperson for Shannon said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly, “Ms. Amos is disheartened at the continuation of false and defamatory statements being made against her by, or on behalf of, or in connection with news reports based on social media posts by Mr. Kelly K.C. Amos. In an effort to stop and prevent further defamation to her reputation, Ms. Amos is requesting that anyone making, encouraging, inducing and/or aiding and abetting others to make false statements to immediately cease and desist.”

The statement continued, “Although Ms. Amos hoped to keep this family matter private, the allegations being made against her are falsely impugning and maligning her character, and affecting her well-being. None of the allegations are based in fact, and she is exploring all legal remedies available to her. Ms. Amos hopes this matter will be resolved soon through the proper authorities.”