John Amos has denied his daughter's recent claims that he is being exploited and abused. Amos' daughter Shannon Amos revealed that she started a GoFundMe for her dad's expenses. She also revealed that her dad had been hospitalized following an alleged near death experience and needs money due to being “financially exploited” and abused.

She wrote on the fundraiser page: “On May 14th of this year, I received a distressing call from my dad, who was hospitalized far away in Memphis, Tennessee. Though I was out of the country, we managed a brief FaceTime conversation before his pain became too unbearable.”

She continued, “During the following weeks, my family and I unraveled a horrifying truth—my dad had fallen victim to elder abuse and financial exploitation. Determined to seek justice, we a are working closely with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the local Sheriff’s Department in my father’s home state.”

TMZ reported that they spoke with John Amos and he is denying his daughter's claims. They reported, “We spoke with John Amos, who tells us the details laid out by his daughter Shannon Amos are a lie … no one is abusing him and he hasn’t been fighting for his life. He says he’s got no idea as to why Shannon may have started the GoFundMe.”

The site also reported that John's rep Belinda Foster said that he's been in the hospital “because his lower body was filling with fluid, all the way to his abdomen, and causing issues with his heart. Foster says doctors have been able to drain all of it, and John’s recently started to feel 100%.”

Shannon has since responded to the story, telling the publication to do “accurate reporting and check with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation” to see that the claims surrounding her father’s alleged mistreatment are real.