Joseline Hernandez has blasted Faith Evans on social media after the singer revealed that she dumped Stevie J when she learned that he was still seeing Joseline. Faith made the comments during an episode of OWN's Behind Every Man.

Joseline responded on Instagram this weekend, saying, “This old b***h needs to keep the bricks out her way. I ain’t been with that man in 4 years. I’m happily with @balisticbeats Every time my TV shows bout to drop this ol wore down melted b***h got something to say to stay relevant.”

She continued, “B***h you a h** your own husband told me and my husband last week you cheated on him with young n***as and you do all the time.” She also claimed that Faith's “crazy a** kid” almost “killed” her and Stevie's daughter Bonnie Bella. She said,”I have your husband on recording begging for my forgiveness cause Bonnie could have gotten killed by that animal you call son.”

She added, “B***h go make a song. And FYI you been sucking Stevie d**k for years ejem before I dropped his sorry a**. Bye h**.”

Stevie jumped in to defend his wife, saying, “aren’t you the same one who lied and said I molested my own daughter is now speaking hurtful against a child with autism. Don’t you have an autistic brother? Since you want rating let’s talk about how you x Barbie that’s on your show out here doin strange thangs fa change, did you tell ballistic that you was hitting my line every day fo gang to pull up wit cocoa. My wife is a class act, something you could never be x she can handle herself x I’m with all the sh*ts.”