Although reports say that R. Kelly's girlfriend Joycelyn Savage recently gave birth to a baby girl, her father is not convinced. Timothy Savage took to social media, saying that he has not herd from his daughter and he is not convinced that she is not in charge of the several online profiles she has.

During an Instagram Live, he said, “That little girl, the little baby that is on that account is a pretty little baby. No doubt about that. If I had a granddaughter, I would be the first to say I love this child–no matter what the situation is. Period. But, rest assured, that’s not my granddaughter, and, rest assured, Joycelyn is not pregnant.”

Savage continued, “These people are evil, cruel people to take a horrible situation and try to make some type of profit off of it by going in the media saying that my daughter is pregnant. Knowing her stability, nobody knows. My daughter has been hidden away from everyone due to the circumstances, and it’s not right. If it was the case that my daughter had a child, my daughter would come forth and be happy about it. But… as we both know, my daughter has not come forth, and my daughter has not responded in a fashion to say that this is her child.”

He went on, “None of this is true. These people are scammers, and they deserve to be put behind bars where they belong. I don’t know who it may be, but we are going to find out. And I promise you… if my daughter will call and let me know I will help her tremendously to try to get these people arrested. A hundred percent, my intent is to help my daughter any which way I can.”

Savage added, “At this point of time, I don’t even know if my daughter is alive or not–due to the circumstances of what she’s going through. Somebody’s trying to throw this family off and trying to deceive us in thinking that my daughter is fine and okay, which I don’t think it is true. I need to be shown some type of form of proof of life that my daughter is still living because I don’t think that she’s living at this point in time.”