Yesterday (December 6th), Jussie Smollett testified that he did cocaine with Bola Osundairo and made out with him in a private room at a bathhouse. Bola and his brother have accused Smollett of hiring them to fake hate crime against him in 2019.

According to TMZ, Smollett's attorney's have claimed that it was a "real" attack and that Osundairo and his brother, Olabingo, made up the story about a hoax, then asked Smollett for $1 million each to not testify against him at trial.

Jussie described meeting Bola, saying, “We were in a club, you go to the bathroom, go to a stall, do a bump, do a bump and then just kind of keep going in and then we went to the bathhouse."

Smollett said that they were at the bathhouse Steamworks in Chicago and they later went into a private room, where there was gay pornography on the screens. Smollet continued, “We did more drugs and made out" adding that there was “touching and things like that” but that the sexual encounter didn’t go further.

Last week, Osundairo admitted that he had gone to the bathhouse with Smollett when he was cross-examined — but he said he didn’t recall seeing pornography at the spa.

The defense has claimed that Smollett and Osundairo previously dated and had made out together at the bathhouseand that the attack was because Osundairo wanted to the actor’s security guard.

Smollett is charged with six counts of felony disorderly misconduct for what prosecutors say was a false report about a hate crime.

Prosecutors have claimed that Smollett staged the attack because he was unhappy with the “Empire” studio’s handling of hate mail he received.