The mugshot from Justin Timberlake’s recent arrest for driving while intoxicated has now become a piece of art. The Romany Kramoris Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York, where Timberlake’s DWI took place, now has work on display by artist Godfrey Lohman that was inspired by Timberlake’s mugshot. The piece is titled, “Tuesday Night Out Featuring Justin Timberlake,” and according to the gallery it has garnered significant interest, with visitors lining up to view and photograph the work.

“Tuesday Night Out Featuring Justin Timberlake” is available in several different colors, including pink, green, and blue, which evokes Andy Warhol’s Pop Art reproductions of the famous faces of the celebrities from his era. Gallery owner Romany Kramoris was thrilled by the artwork, telling Page Six: “My reaction was, ‘Oh my God! That’s great! It’s just great!’”  She said that the gallery has sold “two or three” pieces at $520 each, and “a lot of people are coming back,” according to Kramoris. (Billboard)