Kandi Burruss has opened up about her issues with Boyz II Men. As previously reported, during an IG Live with Eddie Levert, Burruss said that she had a bad experience when she worked with Boyz II Men in the studio years ago. Wanya responded, basically saying that the issue was due to how they would split the writing credits.  He also threw shade at Kandi, basically saying that she hasn't worked in years and that he didn't think she was that talented of a singer.

Kandi addressed the issue on her YouTube page, saying,  “Clearly, he did not understand why I was offended because the way he told the story, is not how I felt. And then I noticed he tried to throw a little shade at the end. Hmm.  You need to be a housewife, honey."

She continued,  "He made it seem like I just had an issue with the splits. But that is definitely not why I said they were my worst experience. I thought that I had been cool with Wanya and Shawn. I had hung out with them before and I thought they were real cool people so I was really looking forward to working with them in the studio."

He added, "I asked them how do they usually do their splits. Instantly, attitude shifted. ‘Whatchu mean, how we do our splits?’ I was like, ‘Well, I was just wondering.’ Because everyone has a different way of doing it. They said, ‘Oh you want to talk about splits.’”

Kandi explained that they wanted to give the producer of the song 50% and they wanted to pslit the rest evenly amongst the group and Kandi, meaning they each would get 10%.  Kandi had worked on two songs with the group. And while she agreed that would work for one song, the other she had handed to them almost fully completed. She said, “That ain’t gon work on that song. Mind you on top of that Nate wasn’t even there. Ima get the same as him and he ain’t even here. That didn’t make any sense to me.”

Eventually, they agreed to give Kandi 25% on each song, which she thought was fair. But then, she said,  “As soon as they got back in the car, they called my manager who was in the studio with me. They said, ‘We just thought about it. We ain’t giving her 25 percent on the one song. She can only get 10 on that but we’re still going to take 25 percent.’” She said they added,  "And I can’t believe she even fixed her mouth to ask us about some splits.’"

Kandi continued, "How I fix my mouth to ask them about some splits? What the f*ck you mean? They said, I should be happy that I’m even working on their album. Of course I’m pissed because I’m like it wasn’t personal for me. I was just trying to do business and handle my business. But they were getting like they were so important, I should not have even asked them. At that point my manager was trying to get off the phone because he knew I was getting mad."

Kandi then revealed that the next day when the group arrived to the studio, they didnt speak to her and didn't want her in the room to discuss the song. Kandi said, "I was pissed because I was like, you would have never done another man like that. If I was a man, that would have never happened. If I was a guy, they would have never, in a million years, handled a dude like that."