As Katy Perry prepares to share her brand new single, “Woman’s World,” on July 11, more details are emerging about the pop star’s forthcoming new album. Perry has enlisted an impressive string of producers and collaborators for her new record, and is apparently once again working with Dr. Luke and Max Martin. Perry collaborated with Luke and Martin on a run of her big early hits, including “I Kissed A Girl,” but Katy hasn’t worked with Luke since Kesha accused him of abuse in a 2014 lawsuit.

A source at Capitol Records shared this inside information with Rolling Stone, “Katy knew exactly the album she wanted to make and put together the team to make it happen. And that includes previous collaborators including Luke, Stargate, Max Martin, and Sarah Hudson, and some new heavy hitters such as Vaughn Oliver, Rocco Valdes, and Theron Thomas.” Kesha apparently heard the news, and tweeted a simple, dismissive response, “lol.” (Rolling Stone)