Kelly Price has broken her silence, revealing that she was never missing, but she is currently recovering from COVID-19. On Friday (September 14th), it was reported that the singer was listed a missing person with the National Crime Information Center. Price's lawyer Monica Ewing later released a statement saying that the singer was alive and well and recovering from COVID-19 at an undisclosed location. 

On July 29th, Price revealed to fans that she had been battling COVID-19. Reports on Friday (Septembe 24th) said that Price had checked out of the hospital in August and her family hadn't heard from her since. It was also reported that Kelly's husband was keeping her children away from visiting her home. The family then called police to conduct a welfare check.

After Price's attorney's released a statement, Price's sister Shanrae Price said that she was still worried because she hadn't heard from Price since she was discharged from the hospital.

She said during an interview with The Larry Reid Live, “My sister is a very visible person. We haven’t heard anything from her in months. She was sick, and she was very sick with COVID. This is unlike her, no one has heard from her. I know everyone has their own opinion. I don’t do stuff like this, but I’m gonna call in until we physically see my sister. We don’t know anything, so I don’t know who is calling in and saying what.”


Kelly told TMZ that she was never missing, she just isolated herself as she was recovering from COVID and she was avoiding her family — which she says is the norm. Kelly revealed that she actually flatlined at one point and was bought back to life.

Kelly said that she is not out of the woods yet  and she is still on oxygen.

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