During an Instagram live session with her best friend LaLa Anthony, Kelly Rowland revealed her favorite sex toy. Earlier in the day, Kelly asked her Twitter followers if they preferred “Toys or no toys?” and “Lingerie or just a T-Shirt.” LaLa asked Kelly what her answer was and Kelly responded, “T-Shirt for sure. I mean duh.” LaLa discussed the toys, saying, “I am saying no to a toy! I really am. Sometimes you just want to get to it.You don’t need all the extra curricular stuff going on.”

Kelly said, “I have to be honest, you know those little ring that goes around . . . yes, I said it! It's so nice.”

When someone commented that men are usually intimidated by toys, she said, “You can always have a brief warm up and then have them watch your brief warm up and then have them join you.”