Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier was dragged on social media after asking black female celebrities to educate Sharon Osbourne on racism.  During Osbourne's interview with Frazier, she claimed she was blindsided by Sheryl Underwood's line of questioning regarding her friend Piers Morgan. She also claimed that she was set up based on a pact that she and her co-host made with eachother, where they promised to never surprise on another with questions if they believed the other host had not been prepped. 

She also revealed that she has since apologized to Sheryl, saying, “I love Sheryl. I’ve apologized to Sheryl. She’s not gotten back and I can understand Sheryl needs her time.” She added, “I should never have dismissed her feelings on national tv, ever. But I said it and I have to own it. And I was so angry. I cannot begin to tell you. Not with Sheryl, not with Elaine but with a company that I worked at for 11 years.”

After the interview, Frazier wrote via Instagram, “At some point we all have to reach a point where we can sit together and have tough conversations about race. I don’t know what happens next for @SharonOsbourne but I do know, it is time for a meaningful conversation, a learning moment. She is ready."

He continued, "Let’s get @chrisbharrison, let’s get @michaelericdyson, #meghanmarkle, Sharon, @amandaseales, @sherylunderwood @hollyrpeete y’all suggest some names and have a summit. Let’s move FORWARD!”


Amanda Seales responded, saying, “How bout you put your energy into providing a safe space for those on the show who have been terrorized by her rampant racism/classism/xenophobia. Y’all STAY CAPIN FOR THESE KARENS!..You must be outta yo g*td*mn mind.”

She later said, “First of all, it is not the responsibility of Black to educate white folks on how they can not be trash ass folks. They f*ckin made up racism, why the f*ck we gotta teach you how to not be racist. To expect us to do that and as a Black person try to rally up Black folks into that space is one, just foolish, and not respectful of our time and of our energy. And on another level, completely devoid of any consideration for the fact that Sheryl and Holly have been at the brunt of this woman’s racist b*llsh*t. So basically, you’re asking victims to come and have a nice little sit down with their attacker so this b*tch can feel better? No, we are not on the rehabilitate white people train."


Kevin responded to Amanda, saying, ”Listen, I was suggesting that there be a place, in the mainstream where people (like Sheryl and Holly) could actually express their feelings without being muted or muzzled (and I can tell you that there were people who worked to mute Hollys voice after she left). That in the same arena where the transgressions occurred that they could be corrected."

He continued, ”We are rarely given an opportunity to speak freely in those forums. The people I mentioned and the voices I suggested are people who I think have something important to say. Unfortunately that message was not delivered or received well. Ok… As for my interview with Sharon, it was 90 mins long and there was a lot said that was not reflected in what made the air. It also was done before the latest article detailing other transgressions. That has been addressed. “