Keyshia Cole has broken her silence on her mother Frankie Lons' death. As previously reported, Lons died of a drug overdose on Monday (July 19th). Keyshia posted photos of her mom and wrote, “This is so hard man. Can’t really even find the words. SMH. I honestly don’t even know how to feel. You can never prepare for something like this… Ever!!! but you will be missed.” 

She continued, “Naturally so funny, that’s what I loved about your personality…. we all did. I created this post to show my love and appreciation for your life and I would like to thank my fans + supporters, shooot your supporters and fans, for being here with us during these hard times, and the love that you all have for us.”

She added, "the love for all your children was definitely felt. When u said all you want is to have ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN IN ONE PLACE, AT ONE TIME meant the most to you, And I’m completely down to do that for you. Even through our differences …. WE LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Frank da bank!"

Keyshia later went live on Instagram to take a shot in memory of her mother.