Last night (July 26th), Keyshia Cole gave fans an update on how she's been after the death of her mother Frankie Lons. Frankie died last week on her birthday after suffering a drug overdose. 

Keyshia posted on to her Instagram Stories, "The fact that DJ just gave me his cold, SMH! And I have to care for my youngest. Dealing with mom passing!!! Plan Tobias bday! He's turning 2 Aug 1st! I just can't!" 

She continued, "Not gonna lie tho, the hundreds of thousands of DM's I'm receiving!!! And my youngest @tobiaskhaled keeping me busy and @daniel_gibsonjr keeping me on him everyday.  And my endless family and friend coming by even tho they f*cking noooooo I'd rather be alone [face palm emoji]."

She added that her family "literally don't care" and "keeping doing it anyway." She added that all she wants to do is just "lay here alone and just feel bad" but she doesn't have that luxury