Keyshia Cole had her mom on her new Fox Soul show One on One with Keyshia Cole, and they discussed her biological father. Although Keyshia revealed a few years back that she had found her real dad, a boxer named Virgil Hunter, Frankie has always said that her dad was an Italian man named Sal. She said that she met Sal when she was a prostitute and he owned a restaurant called Pal Joes in San Jose, CA. Keyshia said she looked up that restaurant and couldn't find it.

She said, “Guys, as a young girl, I looked up Pal Joeys, I called 411, y’all remember that? I called 411 a bunch of times. First she told me it was in Los Angeles, guys. I called Los Angeles and it was not one there.”

Frankie added that Sal “was a guy that I used to date when I was a lady of leisure. I became attached because he tried, went to his grave trying to get me to stop doing prostitution.”

She continued, “He said, ‘You don’t need to be out here. What are you doing?’ And then he used to come and get me. He said how much does your pimp want?’ And he would give me the money to take to him and he would keep me all night and talk to me. He cared. He really did.”

Frankie said that Sal has died of cirrhosis of the liver.