Rapper Killer Mike made it clear he’s not getting paid by the Bernie Sanders campaign.

According to HipHopDX, a twitter follower questioned Killer Mike’s integrity, accusing him of accepting money from the Vermont Senator, in exchange for support of his presidential bid. Killer Mike made short order of the notion, firing back, “Keep it really real. I accept NO MONEY from any politician. I am already rich.”

The Run the Jewel’s MC has backed Sanders since 2016, and had more to say about the accusation, lumping in Public Enemy’s Chuck D and The Coup’s Boots Riley. He said, “If I’m a regular every day black person in America and @BootsRiley @MrChuckD & @KillerMike all agree on the same Presidential candidate Umma really have to consider that candidate because these three in music and real life action really give a damn.”