LANY have announced that they are postponing their upcoming scheduled shows in Australia and New Zealand on their A Beautiful Blur: The World Tour after their singer, Paul Klein, was hit by a car. Klein is recovering, but the LA pop band has decided that he needs to heal before they play shows again. In an Instagram post detailing the accident, Klein shares that he was hit by a car while riding on his Vespa scooter, but reassures his fans he is on the mend. “i don’t really remember anything after the collision,” shared Klein. “i woke up on a stretcher being put into an ambulance. i’ve cried a lot of thankful and happy tears during the last few days. i know how fortunate i am to still be here. this experience has only intensified the feelings of purpose i have, so i can’t wait to heal up and get back to it. i love you and this life deeply! see u soon. ❤️” (US Magazine)