Xscape singer LaTocha Scott took to social media to apologize to her band members. As previously reported, on Xscape's new reality show SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B, Tamika Scott accused her sister LaTocha and brother in law Rocky Bivens of stealing $30,000 from her.  In addition, LaTocha has been going back and forth with her other group members during interviews, podcasts, radio shows and social media.

In an IG Live video, LaTocha said, “I am in a space where I need to free my mind and free my heart, free my spirit."

She continued, "I want to start off by apologizing to our fans. When we started this almost 30 years ago, it was only ever just to sing."

LaTocha continued, “Yesterday I had an interview an interview and Da Brat and I had some words.  I didn’t understand why when she said to me ‘that Kandi felt sad about you being the leader of the group. She felt sad.’ I said ‘she felt sad? That’s the first time I ever heard this. It’s news to me. Even in that, I have to take accountability."

LaTocha added, “If I overlooked you, Kandi, I am sorry. I never wanted to do that. I never knew you were sad. I know what that sadness feels like, I really do. When we were in a group, I just wanted us to sing and be successful.  I’m 17, 18-years- old, so what do I know? I’m sorry if I made you feel sad. That was never my intention.”


She later told Tiny, “To Tiny, who I consider my friend, I think of you as family.  You are the one who always tried to bring things together for us. I kind of alienated myself from you because I was trying to figure out everything.

LaTocha continued, “We’re like sisters and I didn’t talk to my sister. Maybe you could’ve shed light on some things that I probably needed to hear,” she said, revealing that Tiny motivated her to pursue the gospel career.

LaTocha also addressed her sister Tamika dropping receipts with copies of paperwork and an interview with Tiny's mother, proving that she allegedly stole $30,000 from her sister. She said that Tamika never discussed the missing $30,000 until the cameras started rolling for the series.  She also denied stealing the money and said Tamika has a habit of lying.

Through tears, she said to Tamika, “Whatever it is, Tamika, we can resolve it.  This is not nothing that we need to perpetuate and continue to move and make people feel a way. This is us. We sisters. We’ve never not been able to talk about anything, not ever. I want my family back.”

LaTocha continued,“I apologize to you, Tamika, if I didn’t hear you. If I didn’t hear your voice. I’m sorry. I’m trying my best to make it. I’m trying to weather storms in my own personal life. I’m not tryna negate how y’all’s feelings are; I have to still have peace within … but when y’all see me looking like this, I’m in my feelings and I’m in my feelings when it comes down to my family.”