Lauren London took to Instagram last night (March 31st) to pay tribute to her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle. The actress posted a picture of herself and Nipsey at his Marathon store, along with the caption, "Time is deceptive. It’s been a year since you transitioned. The pain is as heavy today as it was a year ago. God knows I would give anything to see you again. I didn’t think I was going to survive a second of any of this. Prayers have kept me together. The kids keep me going and Gods Grace and Mercy have carried me this far.

She continued, "As today makes a year I stand strong because of you. Because I know you wouldn’t have it any other way. Because I recall every late night conversation we had about resilience and fear. Because you were my greatest teacher and because you are still with us, in spirit. With every breath i take I honor you. I carry this pain with purpose."

She ended her letter saying, "I promise I will make you proud. I promise to apply everything you taught me In life and in death. Ermias Asghedom There will never be another. Until we are together again…. I love you beyond human understanding ( but you know that already)."