Lavar Ball recently revealed in an interview that he told his three sons LaMelo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, and Lonzo Ball that since they are professional athletes, they will more than likely meet “h*es” and not good women.

During an interview on Bro Bible’s “Endless Hustle” podcast, he said that he told his sons, “You’re never going to meet a nice woman, especially in basketball. You’re not going to find nobody like I found your mom, or my mom and dad. Cause here’s the thing, if you’re in this profession, which you got all this fame and notoriety, how are you going to meet a good girl? You’re not.”

He continued, “You’re going to meet her at the restaurant where you eat, or you’re going to go to the club where you dance, or you’re going to meet her at the arena. So I hate to tell you, you gon’ meet a h*e. Just how it goes son.”

He added, “So son, that’s the bad part of the life you’re going to get. You’re never going to meet a good woman. And by the time you do, let’s say you hit 30, and then you meet a woman and she 30. You got to wonder why she’s by herself at 30. So there’s something that’s dangerous, no matter how good they look. But have a good time son. I feel bad for you but hey, I’m glad you made it.”

He also stated, “They’ve already brought a few through here, a lot of them look good, but they have different motives. I just tell them to be careful out here man, cause you never know what you gone get… Cause usually where do you meet a nice woman?”

Ball then revealed why he thinks that his sons won't meet quality women, saying, “If you have a job and you go to your job everyday, and she works at your job. You see her everyday, you know what she’s about. You go to school, you see her all the time, you go to church, you see her all the time.”

He continued, “My sons are not going to church every time, they not in no school. And their job is traveling to 40 different states. How you gon’ meet someone and be solid? It’s not gonna happen. Sorry you’re going to have to retire.”