Norway based Trans Cultural Mindfulness Alliance took to Twitter to call out Aretha Franklin's iconic hit “(You Make Me Feel) A Natural Woman,” claiming that it's offensive to trans women.

The organization tweeted, “Aretha Franklin’s 1968 song ‘Natural Woman’ perpetuates multiple harmful anti-trans stereotypes. There is no such thing as a ‘natural’ woman.”

The message continued, “The song has helped inspire acts of harm against transgender women. TCMA is requesting it is removed from Spotify & Apple Music.”

Social media users took to Twitter to respond. One person wrote, “OMG Get a life & stop trying to cancel everything. How sad and pathetic one’s life must be if THIS is a priority to you. This is a GREAT song! YOU GO, GIRL! @ArethaFranklin.”

Another person tweeted, “I AM A PROUD NATURAL WOMAN! Except my boobs, those are fake! Everything else – 100% au naturale!”