Lil Fizz has denied that he leaked close up footage of his penis and anus online. He wrote via IG Story, “This sh*t crazy, the levels these chicks will go, to try and destroy and ruin you.”

He continued, “Wow unbelievable! Y’all have a happy holiday, that is NOT ME!”

Prior to Fizz's statement, his ex Moneice Slaughter took to social media to react to the video, saying, “So look. I was at home. Minding my business. Working. I still am. I woke up & as my Hood N****s Hottie & now I’m bout to go sleep as a holey N****s baby mama.”

She continued, “I feel like I’m stuck in the project version of Cinderella. Man…life comes at you fast. Stay dangerous, ladies!”

She added, “And now that I think about it.. I can never show my face in the hood again. Not only have I probably lost of my hottie privileges, I’m pretty sure I just lost all my street cred too…damn it’s windy out here..stay cold ladies.”