During a recent episode of FOX Soul's Cocktails with Queens, LisaRaye defended Chris Brown amid an alleged altercation with Usher over Teyana Taylor. LisaRaye said, “Why he gotta chill?”

She continued, “What if he felt just like what he said? ‘F— her.’ What if he felt like that? And he saying that to his friend?”

She added, “What I don’t like about it is that every time we bring up his name, not us, but every time his name is brought up, he always get automatically blamed. Because he is that way, we know him to be that. So it gotta be him.”

LisaRaye went on, “That’s what I don’t like, when people have that kind of stigma ‘cause I got that. It’s quick for you to think that ‘oh well, LisaRaye would’ve did that, or ‘LisaRaye said that.’ And I don’t like that becausee that very next time it could’ve been different, but you blame me because of my past.