LisaRaye was dragged this past weekend after she defended Rob Lederman, former host of the Morning Bull Show, for comparing black women's skin tones to shades of toast. As previously reported, Lederman was discussing his dating preferences with his fellow white co-hosts last week and said that he would “never go to a Serena Williams level, but I’m very comfortable with a Halle Berry level.” He later added, “I need a little bit of mulatto still coming through.”

During an episode of Cocktails with Queens, when LisaRaye heard the comments, she said, “Wait a minute. What I heard was an opinion. I heard that he’s saying that he won’t go as far as a dark-skinned Black woman. He’s comfortable with going with the color of a Halle Berry. What’s wrong with that?”

Co-host Syleena Johnson tried to explain how many Black women may find the comments offensive, LisaRaye said, “Everybody gonna get caught up now because I think everybody is gon’ be so sensitive. And ain’t gon’ know what to say and how to say it, and it’s going to take the fun out of everything and everybody gon’ get slapped with lawsuits and defamation, and it’s gon’ to be tedious and ain’t nobody gonna be able to talk about nothin’.”

Of cours social media had a lot to say. One Twitter user wrote, “Abolish @foxsoultv QUICKLY! Like every day Claudia Jordan, Lisa Raye or Vivica are on there saying dumb sh-t.” Another person wrote, “Lisa Raye defending a colorist. She such a whack b*tch. Really hate to see it.” Another person tweeted, “I just have to laugh at people like Lisa Raye who had so much criticism for Lil Nas X’s video but saw Rob Lederman’s racist comment, comparing Black Women, to toast, as a preference. What a clown!”