In an interview on Vivica A. Fox's Hustling with Vivica podcast, LisaRaye revealed that Stacey Dash hired a security team on set with her after they had a confrontation on set. She said that one day, Stacey hadn’t told anyone her man at the time was in town and she, apparently, became frustrated when the day’s shoot went late into the night. At one point, she wasn't reading her line right. LisaRaye said, "So, by the fourth or fifth take I’m thinking, ‘This is just a one-liner, like, girl, what’s the problem?’ And that’s what I say.”

She continued, “And she looks and rolls her eyes, but you know I don’t think nothing … but honey child, when I tell you when the director had to come out and speak to her, I had walked over to Stacey and said, ‘Just say the line,’ she put her finger in my face and said, ‘You can’t tell me anything.'”

At this point, LisaRaye said that she went "Southside Chicago" on Stacey. As a result, Stacey showed up with a security team the next day. She explained, “And I never said this part before, but she came with security and I was like, ‘Oh, what’s going on today?’ and they was like, ‘You! She brought them for your a**,'” claimed LisaRaye. “I said, ‘Get outta here!’ I went to the damn producers I said, ‘Do you know how this would look if this gets out? That she had to bring security to set for me? It will make me look like I’m a bully and y’all ain’t got my back?'”

LisaRaye said that she initially was going to stay in her dressing room until producers figured it out but she decided to be professional and get back to work.