During an interview with E! News, Lori Harvey opened up about  her life as a single woman. She said, “I just feel like I’m growing, I feel like I’m growing as a woman, as an individual…so I just feel like, you know, this time is about me. Self love, self growth, just being patient with myself in every stage as I’m growing.”

Harvey also revealed some relationship advice her dad Steve Harvey has given her, saying, “Just remember that you’re  the prize, always. That’s, like, his golden slogan for me.”

She added, “It just means not compromising on my values, my happiness, my peace. Not settling for less than what I know I deserve, and not being afraid to walk away from a situation if it’s no longer serving me.”

Lori also talked about keeping quiet about false rumors about herself. She explained, “Because I’m so quiet, there have been so many stories that have been made up about me. Like I’ve seen stories about me being fully in love with somebody and we have this whole relationship, and I’ll see the guy and I’m like, ‘I’ve actually never even met  him before.'”

She continued, “I’ve heard I’ve dated a father and son before. Absolutely not true.”