Former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson pulled off one of the best moments of this past weekend’s Glastonbury Festival, and he didn’t even have to sing a note to make it happen. Tomlinson found a way to stream Sunday’s big England vs. Slovakia European Championship soccer match, with hundreds of fans at the festival turning up to watch the thrilling game. Tomlinson set up the screening at a festival campsite, with a flat screen TV affixed to a trolley that was fueled by a generator. Glastonbury officials had previously announced that the match would not be shown on the festival grounds because they didn’t want it to detract from the main stage performances.

“It’s the second screen I’ve bought,” Tomlinson told the Guardian, moments before Harry Kane scored during extra time to send England to the Quarterfinals. “The first got cracked. I wasn’t going to take credit for it because it looked like we were going to lose in normal time, but now that we’ve equalized I’m happy to.” (Billboard)