Mariah Carey celebrated the 15th anniversary of her hit album The Emancipation of Mimi by performing songs from the project on social media.

Carey, who was wearing a light blue silk robe on Easter Sunday, performed songs from her house including “Stay the Night.”

“I’m about to start my duties as the Easter bunny, but can’t forget about The Emancipation of Mimi’s anniversary today! Hope you enjoy these lil moments from the album,” Carey said alongside the video.

Carey then performed “Fly Like a Bird” from the album, stating that it was an appropriate track for Easter.

Carey also asked her fans on Twitter which Emancipation of Mimi song was their favorite with “We Belong Together” winning over 60% of the vote over “It’s Like That,” “Shake It Off,” and “Don’t Forget About Us.” Over 58,000 fans took part in the poll.

The Emancipation of Mimi was first released on April 12, 2015, and went on to sell six million copies in the U.S. alone – 10 million globally. It also earned Carey 10 Grammy nominations.

Carey also helped her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, mark his 37th birthday on Saturday.