Real Housewives of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton has opened up about where she stands with Porsha Williams. Marlo and Porsha have fallen out all because of Marlo's new friendship with Porsha's nemesis, Kenya Moore

During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, she said, “Do you remember last season when Kenya and Porsha were on playdates? I hated Kenya. I was in Portugal like ‘You better be careful of her. I don’t trust Kenya. She gonna cross you, she’s going this.’ I didn’t stop being Porsha’s friend! Long as Kenya didn’t come back and tell my personal business, what I told Porsha, I didn’t care.”

She continued, “I just wasn’t doing Kenya. So now I’m doing Kenya and [Porsha has] a problem with it? It was all over [her] face. I didn’t even know Porsha could be that mad.  I feel like, Porsha what the h*ll are you mad about? Girl, I know a lot about you that I have not told [and] I’m not gonna tell. I’m a let you do that because I mean, you’re here for social justice, I guess, but she’s not here for black women reuniting?”

She went on, “I haven’t crossed you. You’re mad because Kenya’s saying that you did something and because her and I made up. So you just don’t know where to go now. You’re scared like ‘Ooo is Marlo gonna cross me?’ What have I done? Because I asked you did you sleep with Bolo?”