TMZ has reported that WeTV’s Marriage Boot Camp had to halt filming following a brawl between former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, Hazel E and her boyfriend, Devon B, and Making the Band's Day 26 member Willie Taylor and his wife Shanda Denyce

Apparently, Hazel and Shanda got into a physical altercation, which stemmed from a comment Hazel made back in 2017. According to HotNewHipHop, Hazel said that dark-skinned women hate on her because she is light-skinned, pretty and they “couldn’t pass the brown paper bag test.” 

Hazel received backlash on social media for her comments. However, Shanda reportedly addressed the comments on the show, resulting in a brawl between the two women. Devon and Taylor got into a fight of their own as well. 

The site reports that pieces of furniture were broke and it took a number of security guards to break up the brawl.