Michelle Williams is still triggered by her infamous fall on 106 & Park back in 2004. During an interview with Larry Reid, when he bought up the fall, she said, “You tried it! Haven’t I stayed on my feet every other 1701424191–you’re gonna make me curse! Do you know Larry, everybody has been [bringing that up]. And first of all, I need people to stop saying ‘She’s so clumsy.’ I fell one time. You ninjas have to stop! That’s like causing PTSD. That’s probably why I ain’t gon’ do no music. Y’all gon hear me talk–that’s it!"

She continued, 'You know I only fell one time. There is no evidence of me falling any other time! I fell one time. That happened in 2005, [and] it probably took me a good 12 or 13 years to watch it. It was bad.”

She added, “When you’ve moved on, the devil will come and just whisper. He’s a little gnat! Like a little irritant, just flying–‘Buzzzzzz 106 & Park‘. Don’t nobody ask you. What if I asked asked you about your past failures and your shortcomings?! I give people grace–I need people to give me grace. Because I might fall in another area, not necessarily physically on stage, but give me grace. And it’s 16 years old!… It’s a trigger!”