During an interview on T.I.'s podcast ExpediTIously, Mike Tyson revealed that he has been faithful to his wife Lakiha Spicer for the past two years. Tyson and Spicer have been married for ten years. Tyson attributes his faithfulness to his wife being there for him while he was hooked on drugs and going through a financial slump. He said, “That’s why I believe in what I believe in now. ‘Cause there’s no way this could be happening. There’s no way I could’ve been married to my wife. I’m not faithful enough. I’m just not that kind of guy. I don’t care about nothing enough more than my d*ck, so how am I gonna be faithful to somebody? But it worked! I got ten years with her. I got two years without every f***ing a b**** but my wife. For a n*gga like me, I had to have them everyday. . . My wife was not enough. No one was ever enough. I had to have them . . . I had to c** every second of the day! . . . I’m the posterboy for sexual anonymous. (laughter)”

Tyson said that he is the type of man that has to be married because he would kill himself without a wife. He explained, “I'm happy Without my wife, I’m a savage animal…I look at women differently as I get older. When I was younger, I viewed them as pleasure. Now that I’m older, I look at them as the half. It makes me realize that I’m a man. And at this stage in my life, they’re my teachers. If a man doesn’t have a little bit of fear of his wife, he’s not living his life right. That’s why I got married three times, ’cause I can’t live without a wife. If I don’t have a wife, I’ll kill myself. . . . That’s real talk. I need somebody to listen to. I’m a soldier. I can’t think on my own. I need somebody to listen to.”

He also revealed to T.I. that he believes his relationship history influenced his children's preferences. He said, “You know what bothers me, too, man? And I gotta say this. Why my kids don’t like Black kids? They don’t date Black kids. Why is that?…sometimes I look at my daughter, and I see she’s attracted to white guys, and I think, ‘I didn’t set a good example as a Black man,’ then…they must have seen sometimes when I was vulnerable and said, ‘Hey, I don’t wanna be with no one like that. He’s scary.'”

Mike Tyson says he has to be married :

Mike Tyson says he’s been faithful to his wife for two years :

Mike Tyson says his kids don’t like black kids :