Naturi Naughton has denied sleeping with rapper/producer Yung Berg. As previously reported, Berg revealed during an interview that he slept with Naturi when she was in the group 3LW.

During a recent interview, the Power star said, “Recently, there was an interview that I just felt like I might have to call somebody to pull up on what’s his name. But you know, I guess it’s a thing for people to say that they’ve been with me.”

When asked if they ever went on a date, Naughton said, “I was 15-16 when I was in 3LW. I don’t know what kind of date—I mean, group activities. I remember we all lived in LA, at the Archstone. Maybe we all hung out in groups…That took a lot for me not to come on here and be like, ‘Really?!’ That’s why a week later, wasn’t there like an apology or something?”

She added, “Maybe it’s a compliment. Everybody was like, ‘Maybe he wanted to get with Tasha.’ Okay, I get it. Poor baby.”