Reports say that Ne-Yo has demanded joint physical custody of the three children he shares with estranged wife Crystal Smith. According to RadarOnline, in court docs, the singer agreed that his marriage is “irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.”

Ne-Yo also objected to Crystal’s request for temporary and permanent alimony, along with primary custody. He said they should share joint legal and physical custody, saying he should pay child support but objected at the idea of spousal support.

Meanwhile, during an interview on Carlos King’s Reality with the King podcast, Crystal opened up about why she filed for divorce from Ne-Yo, saying, “I will say, when you’re in a relationship you love someone and you think your relationship is this one way. We had a great relationship, energy, everything—when I found out that wasn’t the case, for me I’m never gonna be in a relationship where I’m not being respected.”

She continued, “I’m not gonna say he disrespected me in my face because that’s ain’t never happen but people sometimes when they go outside of the house they live a different life. And once I found out about that different life, for me the only choice and the option was to leave. I wish him the best but theres’s certain things for me, once you cross that line I’m not gonna accept.”

On sharing her marital issues with the world, she said, “The only reason why I put that post up—and honestly I regretted it because I don’t talk about my personal business, but it was more for accountability. For me because I did that it was show him that i’m really serious and for me, to be like–I put this up, I put my business out there so I can’t be dumb and fall back into a trap or back into the same pattern.”