During a recent interview with the Lip Service podcast, NeNe Leakes revealed that back in the summer, she caught husband Gregg Facetiming with an employee of one of her boutique's named Juanita. NeNe revealed that when she hired Juanita, she knew that she was Gregg's type because Gregg has a thing for women with short hair. 

Nene revealed that Juanita fell out with another co-worker. who spilled the beans during an employee meeting. She said that the co-worker said, “You know I know your secret. He was like, ‘How about you and Mr. Gregg be Facetiming and talking?' I’m in a whole room with people like this and I’m standing up and I said, ‘Gregg who?’ I didn’t get out of character at all. I just sat there and I said, ‘Really?'”

NeNe continued, “So I said, ‘Hold on one second, let me get my phone and call Gregg while we’re in the meeting.' You been talking to Juanita?’ And he said, ‘NO! I ain’t never talked to her! You’ve gotta be kidding me!' I was like, ‘Okay, you have. Bye.'”  Gregg later called back and admitted that he had been communicating with Juanita and that is as far as it went and it was because NeNe wasn't around to talk to him. NeNe ended up firing Juanita.

Nene revealed that she didn't talk to Gregg for months after that happened.