In the Bravo after show on Sunday night (March 15th), Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes revealed that she and her husband Gregg Leakes has an understanding. 

She explained, [“Gregg and I have been together for a really really long time and we are family for real. We’re just not gonna be apart, we do have an understanding. We have a great understanding. He’s not going anywhere and I’m not going anywhere,” she replied. “Our understanding, we see each other. That’s all I can tell you. We’re never gonna be apart, I’ll tell you that. I doubt that we’ll ever divorce. I doubt that. We may not be together, we not gonna divorce. . . . We're committed to staying married. We're going to stay married regardless. . . I would never take my insurance from him. . . I love Gregg. I will never not love Gregg . . . I'm in love and I love. If I wasn't in love, I wouldn't tell anybody." Producer: "You said that you and Gregg have an understanding. Does this mean you are seeing other people?" NeNe: "If we did, we wouldn't tell you."] SOUNDCUE (1:15 OC . . .wouldnt tell you

When asked if she was happy, she said, "I’m very happy, don’t I look happy? I’m happy with my life.”

NeNe says she and Gregg have an understanding :