During Sunday night's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe tweeted that she would never extend another olive branch towards Kenya. She said, "I don’t want to hear NOTHING from NOBODY concerning Ken.  She sits, talks and thanks some who has done wayyyyy more worst to her than i ever have! I don’t owe this monster NOTHING! I personally think her friends need to keep it 100 wit her."

She continued, "The fact that her friends ask others to be sensitive to her situation but she was NEVER sensitive towards porsha & Kordell (remember her sayin porsha was his beard) Phaedra & Apollo, Paul & Tanya. LETS NOT FORGET"

Meanwhile, during an interview with Essence, NeNe also discussed Kenya's husband Marc's behavior during his fundraising event. During the event, Marc told producers that he felt their presence was invasive and he told him to turn off their cameras. She said,  “He’s not a camera guy.  He’s not on a show like we are; we’re really on the show. The husbands are not on the show that often. They don’t know some of the stuff that we know. We know we have a hot mic on. You know what I’m saying?  I know if I’m going to get into the producer’s face while I’m still mic’d, even though the cameras might go down, my mic is still on.”

She continued, “I think that [Marc] doesn’t like Kenya. I’m clear about that. I also think he was being true to who he was that night…it didn’t come off great on camera.”

In other news, Kenya gave more details about the text exchange she found between Marc and his ex. During Sunday's night episode, Kenya found texts from Marc's ex begging him to continue to have sex with her even though he was marriage. She tweeted, “The story I told @Kandi and @cynthiabailey10 about the ex wanting to ‘keep it going’ was shared from Marc just weeks after he told her he got married nearly 3 years ago and that was her response."

Nene on Marc Daly’s dramatic moment on camera :