A new video has surfaced of a cop trying to tase Ahmaud Arbery back in 2017. The video — which was obtained by TMZ, shows two Glynn County police officers questioning Ahmaud after finding him alone in his car in a Brunswick, GA park back in November 2017. The officers asked to search his car and he said no no and stepped towards his car. The officers told him immediately stop and get his hands out of his pockets.

Ahmaud immediately obeyed their orders and had his hands in the air. That is when one officer pulled out his taser and fired it. The weapon malfunctioned. A few minutes later, the officers asked Ahmaud for his ID and he complied and explained that he'd been rapping in his car and that it was his day off. When the officer came back with his license, Ahmaud said, "I ain't got s**t on me. What the f**k you f**king with me for?"

The officer said that the area was known for drug activity and then he proceeded to frisk Ahmaud. There was nothing on him.

Then, the cop decided to search his car and tried to tase Ahmaud a second time. 

Ahmaud was not arrested or cited for anything.

In a joint statement to the Guardian, lawyers working for the Arbery family described the video as a clear depiction of "a situation where Ahmaud was harassed by Glynn county police officers."